I am a pianist and composer in Portland, OR – I also play a number of other instruments (cornet, drums, kora) with varying levels of success, teach jazz piano, and cook lots of Indian food.

This blog is rather wide ranging, from information on my projects to musings on the music industry and life as a musician.  I suppose it’s mostly geared towards those last two, but we’ll see as it’s relatively young as well.

I direct or co-direct a number of groups in Portland and elsewhere:

Andrew Oliver Sextet – modern original instrumental music featuring 6 unique instrumentalists and composers

Andrew Oliver Kora Band – jazz / west African fusion featuring Seattle musician Kane Mathis on kora, a 21 string harp from west Africa.

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble – A 14-person group dedicated to playing new music by local jazz composers in Portland, OR

Bridgetown Sextet – my “hobby” band – playing classic 20’s and 30’s style old-timey jazz, featuring stride pianist Scott Kennedy

Sound for the Organization of Society – A 9-person collective of Porltand and L.A. musicians that records a lot and performs very little.

The title of the blog comes from a sign I saw in L.A. that seemed weirdly self-evident, though later I realized it wasnt.  Still, it’s pretty funny.

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