Posted by: Andrew | July 31, 2009

Brief Pause for a Worthy Cause

…as Johnny Vidacovich would say.

I’m finishing up re-doing my main site at (thank you, WordPress!) and will be relocating this blog over there very soon.  There is no way to have  a redirect page from a free wordpress blog, I’ve discovered, so you will have to just update your links.  I promise this is the only time I will ever do this!!  It should be finished within a week.  I will post again at that point, at which time I can finally move forward with my forthcoming series of posts on early jazz and more thoughts on other aspects of modern-day web promotion.  Thanks for your patience, and I will leave you with this live performance of Dan Duval’s “Public and Republic” by my sextet at last week’s awesome PDX Pop Now! Festival, which we were fortunately selected to appear at this year.  Featuring, as always, Mary-Sue Tobin on clarinet, Willie Matheis on tenor, Dan Duval on guitar, Eric Gruber on bass, and Kevin Van Geem on drums along with myself:

Enjoy, and look out for a version of this song on our next album, which we’ll be recording Aug. 15-16.


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