Posted by: Andrew | June 6, 2009

Last Day..

Well I’ve fallen quite behind on blogging here – things are so busy and intense that it is difficult to keep up.

Many great things have happened this week – master classes with Hank Roberts and Edmar Castaneda were definately highlights as well as having the opportunity to play a gig with Don Byron at the Club last night, performing music he wrote for string trio and rhythm section + sax and clarinet – it was a great experience and great music.


On Wednesday, the EPIC sextet finally recorded in the studio – we put down some amazing tracks and some mediocre ones, but it was a great pleasure to get to record the material and hopefully we can move forward with a tour with that band next summer.


I have been hanging out with Marshall Gilkes, trombonist who is on faculty this week, quite a bit.  We had a nice session today with Pat, Tyson, and the 2 Chads (Chad Lefkowitz-Brown and Chad McCullough – who, amazingly, have the same birthday!)


Matt Berrill, an Irish clarinetist, is going to come down to Seattle and Portland to hang out next week – he has a couple weeks of vacation booked after the workshop.  Hopefully we’ll get to do some playing and maybe recording with him.


Matt, Chad McC, Tyson, and myself went on a fascinating hike last Sunday to a place called the Ink Pots.  These are freaky pools produced by cold underground springs that have a very high mineral content and are therefore various colors of blue and green.  It was a fascinating hike:



Our time here is nearly at an end.  I am very excited to go home, being somewhat burned out and overwhelmed with information and lack of sleep, but it has been a remarkable experience which has tought me many important lessons both musical and nonmusical and has given me the opportunity to meet and hang out with many great musicians from all over the world, many of whom I hope to connect with in the future.  When I get home I will post some more pictures, thoughts, and info on what has happened up here as well as continue to post my various thoughts/tirades/etc up here for your reading and (hopefully) thought-provoking enjoyment.


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