Posted by: Andrew | May 25, 2009

Faculty Concert and Weekend

So on Saturday Night was the faculty concert, featuring Dave Douglas, Josh Redman, David Gilmore, Matt Penman, and Clarence Penn.  They played a smokin set of originals, including what might be my new favorite Dave Douglas tune, a new one called “Handwritten Letter.”  As usual from him it was simultaneously simple and complex, with a great catchy melody.

Opening were 2 student groups, one which was huge, and played very well together despite the massive amount of people (Dave details the instrumentation and setlists at his blog) – it reminded me of some of the stuff we have done with Sound for the Organization of Society, but perhaps a bit more tasty and less raucous – they did a great live improvisation to a film (perhaps another participant reading this can leave a comment with the name of the film? I don’t know what it was).

Anyway the whole evening was great, the faculty concert was inspiring and reminded me again of how professional these guys are and how much great music they can produce while remaining at least externally calm – though speaking with Matt Penman afterward he admitted being really excited “on the inside” – still they all have the ability to be precise and accurate and, as Adam Benjamin said, make the audience tense up and relax without tensing up and relaxing themselves.  Definatley another level altogether…

Afterward was a great hang in the music&sound building complete with a performance by SHITROCK, the newest student conflagaration:

Sunday myself, Tyson, Chad, Christian, and Olivier (2 Belgians) went up Sulphur Mountain.  It was an AMAZING and difficult hike with unbelievable views and we were able to take the Banff Gondola down for free, which was awesome!  Here are some pictures and a video to enjoy.




Today a whole new crop of faculty arrived, more news to come!!


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