Posted by: Andrew | May 23, 2009

Classic Session…

So last night, I watched all three club sets.  There was great variety and quality of music – first was a quartet with Chad and Tyson and a great Czech pianist named Michal that has been playing every night at 11 for fun, it was great to see their evident group chemistry at the club.  Second was a large group (one of the combos) that played a bunch of Dave Douglas, Josh Redman, and Matt Penman arrangments from the SF Jazz Collective:


They sounded really great and tight – the charts were intriguing in their density and the clear focus on the group rather than the soloist.  Then was a group led by the Portugese improvising viola player Jose Valente, which played some of his tunes and one by the Argentianian bassist Juan.  Despite a few difficulties, the sounds were very unique and the melodies were very beautiful.

After that we went back to Music & Sound and had what was the most classic session ever – 4 saxes, 2 trumpets, piano bass drums – but amazingly (even though we only played 3 songs in over an hour) everyone was killin’ and original, and was listening effectively – and the rhythm section (Texas bass player Willie Wrinkle and Swiss drummer (!) David Meier) were as or more swingin than anyone I have played with in years.  This place is amazing!

So, I’ll leave you with this picture of Dave Douglas and Josh Redman enjoying the scenery.  Off to lunch, then some rehearsing and a hike!



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