Posted by: Andrew | May 22, 2009

End of the week!

Its hard to believe this is already Friday!  There’s so much going on, each day feels like a week…

We had a raucous hang last night at Props Pub to celebrate Meredith’s birthday (she’s a violinist from Vancouver BC) – everyone was there, it was great to have so many musicians just hanging out in one place!  I am of course always a conniseur of a great hang…

Prior to that I played another club set with Jeremy Rose, an Australian alto player – his tunes are very tricky but rewarding to play  correctly (which I did about 50% of the time…)  Still, it was a fun gig and I learned a lot about my playing from doing it.  Was also my first time playing with David Meier, a Swiss drummer who is very precise and sounds great.

Adam Benjamin gave a fantastic workshop yesterday where he discussed this amazing cueing system he uses in the band Kneebody – they have about 30 musical cues of great complexity, which can be combined to signal things as extreme as “keyboard and horns drop out, bass and drums set up a new double-time groove in Ebmin”, etc etc.  Very interesting way of approaching what we tend to think of as a more intuitive form of group communication.  He also gave great advice such as “everyone should give a solo concert with only a pair of drumsticks” and asked us to complete this analogy “Light:Architecture::______:Music”.  Good food for thought there!

Well it’s time for another full full day.  Our combo was “supposed” to open for the main concert tomorrow night but the programming got changed.  This is actually a relief to me, although I am enjoying the combo, I don’t feel like we would have been prepared enough to offer a convincing performance.

I am continuing to contemplate what my playing will be like when I get done here.  Had a nice conversation with some people about that last night,

More pictures to come too, I promise!


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