Posted by: Andrew | May 21, 2009

Club Sets, etc

Last night I played at the on campus club, called “the club” with Tyson and Sam Anning on bass (from Australia).  We had a great time though I still feel that the mix of excitement and nerves and travel is causing me to overplay and sound scattered.  We were preceded by a trio led by young Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, who is going to the Brubeck Insititue and was killin!  He also played in the last band led by a young Israeli bari player, which was also very good.  It was a night of more or less straight ahead standards and originals, but everyone had lots of things to say musically so it was very nice to hear.

Today has been good, Josh Redman gave a nice clinic on “telling a story” through music, and the ever-witty Adam Benjamin was as wise as ever with some great advice, which I will detail some of later.

Meanwhile, I have recovered from today’s hike up Tunnel Mountain with a huge dinner, and now it’s off to practice, 2 sessions, and a gig with Australian alto player Jeremy Rose at 10!!!

More to come….


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