Posted by: Andrew | April 23, 2009

SOS Recording…

Well the SOS tour has come and gone.  We had a great time, albeit not amazing turnouts – par for the course I suppose.  At any rate, the new material was amazingly creative and covered an even wider spectrum than our previous record (insert shameless plug for said record, Poem of the Underground, which has just been released on Circumvention Music).

Anyway, the new material was (is) some fantastic stuff, including a Balkan-inspired party tune by MST, a very dark tune the score to which is part-novella by Tom Garcia, and a very Phillip-Glass-esque Chris Mosley tune.

We recorded at my new favorite studio, Type Foundry, in the industrial area near the Fremont Bridge (here’s a shamless plug for the bridge for non-Portlanders – check out the Wikipedia article and especially note the section about how they built a pretty bridge because everyone was annoyed at the recently built ugly bridge.  I love Portland.)  The studio is super awesome (and huge!) and the engineer, Jason Powers, is also very excellent and very audio-centric – I always appreciate it these days when engineers are comitted to getting great sounds straight from the mic choice and placement and the choice of preamp rather than relying on the ability to change the sound fundamentally in ProTools later on.  Jason seems to have a great sense for that aspect of recording (which is not surprising considering he does a lot of work directly to 2-track tape instead of the computer) and it was much appreciated.  The fruits of our labor won’t be heard for some time – there is typically at least a year delay between recording and when we put out a record with this behemoth of a group, but hopefully “Poem” will tide everyone over until then.  Head over to the Circumvention site (or iTunes) and pick up a copy!

Here’s some photos from the studio:










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