Posted by: Andrew | April 3, 2009

Portland Tonight! / New Pictures

Well we have safely arrived back in Portland (well most of us, those who get up early, that is…)

We had a good show at Cozmic Pizza last night (despite a bad turnout – Eugene turns out to be a hard place to get folks out!).  We’re really looking forward to the show tonight at the Community Music Center in SE Portland – one of my favorite rooms in town.  Opening the show will be Lindsey Stormo, a great singer recently relocated to Portland from New York, in duo with Ben Darwish.

Our crop of tunes is coming together really nicely, and we have been having a great time.  We hung out at great length yesterday with MST’s awesome dad and listened to selections from his amazing collection of cassette tapes.  The sheer diversity of music we covered in one afternoon was mind-boggling:

– Rahsaan Roland Kirk – The Man who Breathes Fire (or some such awesome title)
– Peter Broetzmann – Machine Gun
– The All Star Marching Band – New Orleans Parade (old school and SUPER AWESOME)
– Sidney Bechet and Mezz Mezzrow
– Louis Sclavis
– Vinny Golia trio with Alex Cline
– the CD’s that we got from the bands we played with in Sac. and SF
– Some 15th century sacred music on ECM

So that was a gratifying and genre-bending afternoon…

For your enjoyment, here are some selected pictures from events since Sacramento.  Hope to see everyone at the gig tonight!


Ingo and Tom at the SF Rehearsal space


Outside after rehearsal – “how do we get to Chinatown?”


Sarah in the Park


Relaxing after ingesting lots of MSG…


Climate Theater


First clouds of the tour as we approach the CA / OR border


Stillwater in Ashland


Hanging with Mr. Tobin


Cozmic Pizza – wall of saxes!


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