Posted by: Andrew | April 2, 2009


Sorry for the delay, haven’t had computer access.  The San Fran gig was a huge success (at least by our standards), the Climate Theater is a great intimate little room and we filled it up!  We played very niceley (especially after my friend Rick let us use his rehearsal space in the afternoon) and everyone was enthusiastic.

After the gig we split up and hung out with our various SF friends and reconvened yesterday afternoon after a long drive (from sunny CA to rainy OR) in Ashland, where we played for 2 people at Stillwater.  Nonetheless, the venue was also very great and enthusiastic about our music as well as feeding us and giving us gas money!  They promised we would have a better crowd next time, and we will certianly book another show there in the future.

The most brutal part of the tour ensued, where we drove to Eugene from Ashland after the gig.  Fog, rain, ugh, but at 3 AM we arrived safe and sound chez MST’s parents, where we are now recovering from the drive and eating sausage!

Looking forward to the Eugene show tonight, hope to see lots of people out!

More to come…pictures etc etc


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