Posted by: Andrew | March 30, 2009


So, we’ve arrived in Sacramento and are having a great time.  It’s sunny!!!  And 70 degrees!!!  These things are very exciting for us Portlanders.  We’re staying at Steph’s parents’ house, which is as awesome as ever:

This idyliic scene was marred by an unfortunate late-night run-in with a rake last night by MST (here’s the aftermath):


However, that got mended up nicely last night and we moved along this morning with a great all-day rehearsal in the secondary garage:



After 5 hours and some pizza, we moved along to the Java Cafe for our first gig of the tour, with Ross Hammond’s RACE quintet.  We had a great time, a great (for a Monday in Sacramento) crowd (at least they were enthusiastic and had a good time, tough extremely small in number), and we played everything with many fewer problems than expected for our first gig (on the day we learned all the music, no less!), so everyone was very happy and we’re quite excited to continue.  Here’s a shot of our setup at the extremely small Java Cafe:


Well we’re excited to move on to San Fran and the Climate Theater tomorrow.  Hope to see lots of people there!

See everyone soon and hello from sunny California!



  1. love the blog andrew! When will it have photos of you touring in chicago?

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