Posted by: Andrew | March 20, 2009

Exciting weekend…

Well things have been a little busy over here and so, as usual, I have severely slowed down on keeping this up right after starting it.

There are lots of exciting things going on this weekend:

Tonight (Friday the 20th) I am playing with the Kora Band @ Egan’s in Seattle (7-9)- with special guests Chad McCullough on Trumpet and Eric Gruber on bass – this will be a great one with some new sounds in the group!

Tomorrow (Saturday the 21st) I am playing with Tyson Stubelek @ Mississippi Pizza in Portland as Red Fish :: Blue Fish, a really exciting electronic jazz-pop looping duo project – we have some awesome new tunes, so this one will really be an adventure.

And, Sunday (the 22nd) I am playing with the Bridgetown Sextet @ the Scottish Rite for their Sunday night Swing Dance!  This music was designed for dancing, so it’s always a great pleasure to play for dancers.

I do have some other stuff to put up here soon, maybe next week.  I recently read Ethan Iverson’s interview with Wynton Marsalis on the Bad Plus Blog (I know this is probably old news to people who have been keeping up with these things for a while) but it was quite interesting.

Now, however, I must go to Seattle!


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